Willkommen in den Nachbarschaftszentren

Welcome to Vienna’s
Neighbourhood centres

Our neighbourhood centres are meeting points and exchange centres for mutual help among people of all generations and social classes. We promote
cooperation between qualified staff and voluntary workers coming from amid the circle of family and neighbourhood.


Our offers

  • Events

    The neighbourhood centres are excellent event places in their own district and area. Depending on the season there are large events on the program. Check out our event calendar, you will sure find something suitable for you or your children.

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  • Groups

    You can share your interests in our groups and rounds, talk about certain news in a familiar and small group, exert a hobby together, philosphize or just be creative. You can also form with us an own group and leed this. Contact us!

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  • Counseling

    We have a wide range of consulting topics: You get for example:
    - General Advice
    - Social counseling
    - Health advice, etc.
    Note, please, that we also offer other advices. These can be found on the sides of each neighborhood centers.

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  • Assistance

    You are looking for a meaningful job that you can enjoy and that you need? With us you can gain experience, meet interesting people and be there for others. In a personal conversation with you, we consider how your work might look, to match your interests and abilities. Contact us!

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  • Renting

    The neighbourhood centers offer attractive meeting and conference rooms, which can be used for meetings from self-help groups and for private parties. More details about the procurement of the rooms and their equipment, time availability and other conditions are on the sites of the neighbourhood centres.

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Publications & Topics

International Federation for Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres (IFS)

The International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres (IFS) is an assocation of national, regional and local organisations working to strengthen communities around the world. Its mission is to build an inclusive global cmmunit by empowering, inspiring and connecting people who are working locally for social justice. IFS members include multi-purpose, community-based organisations all over the globe, from NorthAmerica and Europe to South America and Asia. The organisation has a long and active history as a network and as a promoter of theSettlement House Movement since it was founed in Europe.

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